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DirektDSP is your next stop for Audio Plugins. Effects like Hot Potato and Fuzzboy are only some of the examples of our high quality work bound to expand your audio horizons and bring on inspiration.

  • All of our Plugins are compatible with any VST3 or AU Capable DAW or Audio Software.

    This means no Matter what platform you're on you can enjoy the full benefit of our software!

  • Bedroom Producers Blog

    Hot Potato is a fun distortion and sounds great on drums and synthesized basses. It conjures up grit and snarl that befit more aggressive genres.

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  • Rohho

    Hot potato is a pretty sick plugin, it lets me get a little silly with my basses.


    You can use it (Hot Potato) very easily and intuitively to really put your audio and instrument tracks through their paces, “crush” the sound and “refine” it with distortion.

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