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Redefine Your Sound with Fuzzboy, the Ultimate Distortion Plugin

Welcome to the future of sound design. Unleash your creative potential with Fuzzboy, a cutting-edge, guitar-pedal-inspired distortion plugin brought to you by Direkt DSP. Engineered with the needs of musicians, producers, and sound designers at its core, Fuzzboy is your ticket to a vibrant sonic landscape, teeming with warmth, richness, and character.

With Fuzzboy, gone are the days of bland, digital distortion. Dive into a realm of unparalleled tonal possibilities with our 3 meticulously crafted distortion modes. Whether you're producing a hard-hitting EDM track or crafting delicate ambient soundscapes, Fuzzboy has you covered.

Don't let the simplicity of its interface fool you. Beneath its sleek design lies a powerhouse of sonic innovation. Equipped with the latest algorithms and boasting VST3 compatibility, Fuzzboy is your key to elevating your production game, regardless of your choice of DAW.

Supports macOS and Windows

System Requirements

Windows 10 / 11

  • Intel Core 2 (or similar) CPU @ 2.4Ghz or Higher
  • 4GB RAM minimum (8GB+ Recommended)
  •  A VST3 Capable DAW / Host

Installation Instructions

Download the installer and run it. You can find the download link on the purchase page or in your email.

On MacOS, Open the .dmg and install the files through the .pkg file

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Customer Reviews

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James T.
Absolutely Worth The Price!

this plugins is a beast for distorting 808s, drums and other low end sounds! Super useful in stuff like EDM too! €20 is a decent price for something this unique!